Liwa Slaughterhouse Prepares for Its Official Inauguration and Grand Opening

March 31, 2021

Jusoor Foundation announced the handover of Liwa Slaughterhouse project to the Ministry of Interior, represented by North Al Batinah Municipality. The slaughterhouse will soon commence operational and administrative work. It is also preparing to welcome beneficiaries as its official opening is later this year. Liwa Slaughterhouse project is the newest project in the slaughterhouses sector and one of the most prominent projects in the Wilayat of Liwa.


The project is fully funded by Vale Oman Pelletizing Company and is part of the sustainable social development initiatives implemented by Jusoor Foundation in the field of health and environment. It aims to deliver social services to residents of the Wilayat of Liwa and the neighbouring Wilayats by organising the slaughter of livestock through the establishment of a designated area for slaughter. It also ensures safe disposal of slaughter remnants as well as improving efficiency and healthy practices of slaughtering various species of livestock.


This announcement was made after an inspection visit by, H.E. Wali of Liwa, representatives from North Al Batinah Municipality and Vale Oman, along with a number of project team and employees from the company that will operate the Slaughterhouse. During their visit, the team explored the facility, discussed its key attributes and ensured the readiness for welcoming beneficiaries by next June.

Constructed over an area of 1160 sqm, the Liwa Slaughterhouse comprises of several facilities including, the main slaughterhouse building, a slaughter hall fitted with state-of-the-art equipment and machinery, a 302 sqm shaded area for livestock, male and female waiting areas, a prayer room, administrative facilities and offices, parking lot, and 5000 sqm of interlocked concrete pavements. The total cost of this project is about OMR 400,000.

Commenting on the project, Abdullah Salim Al Sadi, Corporate Affairs and Communication Manager - Vale Oman said, “The Liwa Slaughterhouse project materialised due to the need of a designated facility for slaughter by those residing in Liwa; one that adheres to the highest standards of safety and health. Today, we are proud to handover the project to the Ministry of Interior, represented by North Al Batinah Municipalities. This project has come to fruition and it will soon commence operations. The slaughterhouse will deliver necessary services to both, citizens and residents, by supplying meat in a safe and healthy manner as well as ensuring that the livestock are disease-free.”


The project’s construction was completed in November 2020. During the past period, North Al Batinah Municipality have worked on appointing the operating company to start the slaughterhouse’s testing phase and ensure its readiness. The production capacity is expected to reach 50 carcasses per hour for the sheep slaughter line and 15 carcasses per hour for the cows and camels slaughter line.

Established in 2012, Jusoor Foundation is the first pioneer, non-profit Social Responsibility Foundation in the Sultanate of Oman that aims to serve the Omani society in accordance with best practices of corporate social responsibility principles. Jusoor Foundation is the social investment arm of Sohar Aluminium, Vale Oman and OQ. It works to develop and implement sustainable social projects in communities by understanding the real needs of Omani society.