Signing of a letter of agreement (LoA) to partially fund The Innovation and Technology Transfer Centre at SQU

April 14, 2019

Jusoor Foundation, Sultan Qaboos University, and Oman Oil Refineries and Petroleum Industries Company (Orpic), have signed a letter of agreement (LoA) which aims to determine the fields where Jusoor, Orpic, and Sultan Qaboos University can partially fund the buildup of the Innovation and Technology Transfer Centre Project at Sultan Qaboos University.

Dr. Rahma Bint Ibrahim Al Mahroqia, who is the Vice-Chancellor for Graduate Studies and Scientific Research, has signed the agreement on behalf of the University. Mr. Omar Bin Mohammed Al Abri, Jusoor Acting Executive Manager, has signed on behalf of Jusoor. On behalf of Oman Oil Refineries and Petroleum Industries Company, Dr. Hilal Bin Abdullah Al Hanai, General Manager of Corporate Support Services at the company, has signed the agreement.

It is important to mention that the Innovation and Technology Transfer Centre Project is one of fourteen centers at Sultan Qaboos University and it was developed recently in 2018. This center comes within the strategic plan of the University (2016-2040) which emphasizes the importance of creating an independent entity for innovation to expand the activities that support innovators and embrace the innovations of young Omanis in different areas. One of the goals set for the center is to contribute to the completion of the infrastructure and strengthen the possibilities of innovation in the University and meet the national goals related to the social and economic strategic plan. The Centre consists of five sections that fall under the Centre’s Manager directly which are: training, guidance, and awareness, industrial relations and licensing, incubators, intellectual property, and innovation and knowledge transfer studies.

The letter of agreement comes under the strategic orientation of the University towards the advancement of the innovation industry in the Sultanate and shift towards an economy based on knowledge and innovation. In addition to the University is keen to unite efforts and strengthen the effective partnership with private sector companies to contribute to supporting young Omani innovators and find a motivating environment to embrace their innovations and ensuring to strengthen the contribution of innovation in boosting the national economy with products of economic value.

From his side, Dr. Hilal Bin Abdullah Al Hanai, The General Manager of Corporate Support Services has said: “The signing of the letter of agreement with Sultan Qaboos University comes within the social responsibility program of Orpic through Jusoor Foundation – the social arm of Orpic, which is built upon the principle of implementing projects which include both sustainability and general benefit. The company focuses on projects that achieve effective benefits to all members and segments of society. The project is built by the cooperation between Orpic and the University, which will support students and their scientific innovations in various fields. This project is also considered a significant partnership for both sides and reflects the extent of the effective contribution of the company in various areas of community service and contribute to the overall development process in the Sultanate. It also reflects the real partnership of the private sector with the government in various fields of economic, social, cultural, sports and other fields that are directly needed by a person’’.