"Jusoor" support program for Public Majlises continue 2021 - Phase I

September 14, 2021

Jusoor Foundation continues its efforts to provide support to the community and contribute to achieving sustainable development. Through the implementation of various social projects, in this regard, the Foundation has completed the provision of partial support to several public Majlises (as a first stage for the year 2021) with a total investment of 45,000 thousand Omani riyals.


The partial support program for the public Majlises comes within the framework of the social responsibility of the Jusoor founding companies: Sohar Aluminium, OQ, and Vale Oman. The Foundation plays its role in providing partial support to the Majlises benefiting from the program based on the requests submitted by the communities and after evaluating by the team during the sites visits to those Majlises to determine their fulfillment of the support program conditions.


The Omani public Majlises are one of the most prominent features and components of Omani society, and they have played a significant role in the past and present, as they have been used to serve the community by hosting various social events and discussion sessions to discuss the affairs of society's life and exchange views among members of the community in various segments. It contributes to the formation of a cohesive society based on shared values and conventions, as well as the preservation of a society's history passed down through the generations. In recognition of the Majlises' important role, partial support has been provided to several Majlises spread across North Al Batinah Governorate, including: the Public Majlis of Falaj Al-Awhi, the Public Majlis of Al-Jufra in the Wilayat of Sohar, the Public Majlis of Al-Mafraq, the Public Majlis of Al-Rawdah in the Wilayat of Saham, the Public Majlis of Qasabi Al Busaid Heights, the Public Majlis of Al-Sharisha, the Public Majlis Qasabiya Al-Hawasneh in the Wilayat of Al-Khaboura, the Public Majlis of Al-Uqdah, and the Public Majlis of the Southern Ariq in the Wilayat of Suwaiq.


His Excellency Sheikh Awad bin Abdullah Al-Mandhari, Wali of Saham, said: “We witnessed the delivery of partial support to a number of public Majlises in the Wilayat of Saham, where we extend our appreciation and thanks to the companies supporting the public Majlises, namely Sohar Aluminium, Vale Oman and OQ represented by Jusoor Foundation, for their effective community service provision. It is obvious among community members, particularly among those who reside in the areas that benefit from the assistance.

The social values inherent in Omani society are evident in a variety of social occasions, with the public Majlises playing an important role in their preservation. Furthermore, Jusoor's support for the public Majlises exemplifies collaboration and unity in terms of financial contributions to the creation of these facilities.

We hope that this support will continue and achieve its desired goals.


Mr. Abdullah Rashid Al Makhmari, representor of Qasabi Al Busaid Heights Majlis, said: "We represented the people of Qasabi Al Busaid village in Al Khaboura by receiving the partial support provided by Jusoor Foundation and funded by its founding companies, for the benefit of the Public Majlis of Qasabi Al Busaid Heights, which is estimated at 5000 OMR. We were thrilled with this community donation, which will aid in the completion of the remaining work in the Majlis and its amenities, that will allow social gatherings and activities for all residents.”


It is worth noting that Jusoor Foundation is the 1st non-profit Social Responsibility Organization established in Oman in 2012, that aims at the development of the community through implementing sustainable social projects, and understanding the real needs of the Omani society, especially in North Al Batinah Governorate, as the social arm of Sohar Aluminium, Vale Oman and OQ.