In order to enhance local value added Jusoor signs construction and supply contracts for social projects 2021 worth OMR 330,000

September 26, 2021

Seeking to enhance local value added by supporting SMEs through assigning them various social projects that range from construction to consulting to supply, Jusoor Foundation on Tuesday signed contracts for four social projects that are jointly funded by OQ, Sohar Aluminium and Vale Oman at a total investment of OMR 330,000.

The first project was the establishment of a Digital Educational Studio at the Directorate General of Education in North AL Batina Governorate in Suhar. This project, which will be completed in cooperation with the Ministry of Education represented by the Directorate General of Education in North Batina governorate, aims to use the studio to produce digital educational content for students and teachers in high quality to benefit from digital education that is one of the important tools for leveraging the quality of the educational process, in addition to developing visual skills of students and teachers and enhancing their knowledge of digital Audiovisuals. The project facilities will include a digital photography studio equipped with special audiovisual and recording equipment. The digital educational studio project has been assigned to the Innovative Technology for Educational Solutions, with construction expected to take four months.


The second project was the implementation of the Mobile Mammography Unit in the North Al Batina Governorate in cooperation with the Oman Cancer Association. This project aims to activate and promote awareness in the community about breast cancer and the importance of early mammogram detection through periodic examinations across various Wilayats of North Batina. This will increase the early-diagnosed cases and consequently reduce the mortality rate caused by breast cancer. In addition, the Mobile Unit project aims to strengthen primary prevention against breast cancer and improve the quality of health services by reducing the waiting time for breast cancer screening. The project's facilities include the supply and equipping of a mobile cabin with the latest x-ray technology suitable for screening using the mammographic radiographic unit. The Mobile Mammography Unit project was assigned, to Al Hashar Group, with an expected construction period of six months.


The third project, the Physical Rehabilitation Center, targets the elderly and patients with disabilities. It also deals with the rehabilitation of post-accident fractures, burns, and sports injuries. The project is to establish a separate building for physiotherapy and rehabilitation services at the Shinas Health Complex over an area of 187.86 square meters and equip it with the necessary medical equipment and tools. The project includes 6 diagnostic and rehabilitation clinics, a physiotherapy hall, and a waiting room (male and female). The project will improve the quality and efficiency of health services provided by the Shinas Health Complex to the people of the wilayat and neighboring wilayat by raising the capacity of treatment services and increase the number of beneficiaries of physiotherapy and rehabilitation services daily. It will help to avoid the need to transfer patients to reference hospitals or delay treatment appointments. The construction work of the Physical Rehabilitation Center project has been assigned to Al Maskari Construction Company over an expected duration of 12 months.


The fourth project is the second phase construction of the Plant Genetic Resources in collaboration with the Agricultural Research Center in North Batina Governorate of the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries, and Water Resources. This project aims to improve the quality of citrus seedlings distributed to citizens in general and to farmers in particular, as the project will increase the area planted with high-quality and disease-free citrus trees. The increased planted area will increase the productivity of the Sultanate and thereby increase the self-sufficiency of the Sultanate of citrus fruits. In addition, a share of citrus seedlings will be allocated by the Agricultural Experiment Station in Suhar to citizens with home gardens to enhance aesthetic and environmental features. Work on executing phase two of the Plant Genetic Resources project has been assigned to Ali Bin Said Bin Sulaiman Al Azizi projects and is expected to take 12 months.


The contracts were signed by Sheikh Saif Hamyar Al Malek Al Shihi, Governor of North Batinah and Jusoor Board of Directors Chairman, while local contractors assigned contracts signed on the other hand. It is worth mentioning that the engineering consultancy work was previously assigned for the Liwa Fish and Vegetable Market project, in collaboration with the Ministry of Interior, represented by the municipalities of North Batinah and the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Water Resources.