With funding that exceeded OMR 340,000 .. Jusoor launches 4 social projects in North Batina Governorate

February 21, 2022

Jusoor Foundation celebrated the launch of four projects implemented within Jusoor's social investment program in North Batina Governorate worth about OMR 345,000, funded jointly by OQ and Sohar Aluminium. The ceremony was held in Al-Qurm Natural Park in Shinas, under the auspices of HE Sayyid Khalifa bin Al-Mardas Al Busaidi, Secretary General for Governorates Affairs at the Ministry of Interior. This event was attended by Sheikh Saif bin Hamiyar Al Malik Al Shehhi, Governor of North Al Batina and Chairman of Jusoor Board of Directors, as well as, officials in the North Batina governorate, and officials of the companies that funded the projects.
The first project was the development of the 28,000-square meter Al Qurm Natural Park in the wilayat of Shinas with a social investment worth OMR 200,000 funded by Sohar Aluminium and OQ, in collaboration with the Ministry of Interior represented by the Municipality of North Batina. The scope of the development included the implementation of a 3-kilometer walkway, an arena theatre, a migratory bird viewing platform, 11 family rest areas and barbecue sites, as well as the construction of a crossing bridge over the waterway, children's games, green fields and a café. The development works also included the establishment of a park gate, mosque, security booth, toilets and parking lot.
The second project was the construction of a park in the mountainous area of Alhayleen in the wilayat of Al Suwaiq on an area of 2,000 square meters, which is surrounded by a 320-meter walkway. The park is equipped with children's rides, as well as a café, toilets and family rest areas, with a social investment of OMR 55,000 funded by Sohar Aluminium.
The third project was to provide equipment to clean beaches in the wilayats of North Batina Governorate, as this equipment filter, purify and remove all the waste stuck on the beaches. This leads to more clean and pure beaches, which eventually result in the reduction of the number of injuries and accidents for beachgoers, as well as reduction of the human manpower involved in the cleaning process. This project was funded with a social investment of about OMR 40,000 by OQ. In addition to supply and installation of 60 recreational rides for public parks in the wilayat of Suhar with a social investment of about OMR 50,000 by OQ.
Sheikh Saif bin Hamiyar Al Shehhi, Governor of North Batina, said, “These projects fall within the program of social projects implemented by Jusoor Foundation within its commitment to social responsibility of OQ, Sohar Aluminium and Vale companies that contributes to cultural development in the wilayats of North Batina Governorate, and hence directly meeting the demands and needs of the residents of these wilayats. Sheikh Saif bin Hamiyar Al Shehhi also pointed out that the Board of Directors of Jusoor, with representatives from the government, private sectors and the local community takes into account the projects meet sustainability and public benefit. “Jusoor Foundation continues to implement other projects as per as an annual action plan, which demonstrated its positive in the wilayats of North Batina Governorate, covering a range of health, education, sports and cultural sectors,” he added.
Al Mutasim bin Said Al Sariri, Member of the Board of Directors of Jusoor, Representative of OQ, said, “These social projects reflect the extent of the real partnership between the government and the private sectors and proves the achievement of social responsibility, as OQ is constantly working to continuously contribute to sustainable development projects, especially those that meet the aspirations of the community, whether through projects implemented by Jusoor Foundation, projects implemented directly by OQ, or those carried out in partnership with some government institutions.
Ahmed bin Mohammed Al Kharousi, Member of Jusoor's Board of Directors and Representative of Sohar Aluminium, explained, “The projects launched by Jusoor Foundation are important projects for the community and they have been implemented upon community request and Jusoor deep study of community demand. We are pleased that Sohar Aluminium has been involved in the funding of some of the inaugurated projects. That is a true reflection of the company's commitment to achieving social responsibility.”
Jusoor is a leading CSR foundation and has pioneered as the first non-profit social responsibility foundation in Oman established in 2012, with core objectives of serving the Omani society through following the corporate social responsibility-related best practices, as Jusoor is the social investment arm of OQ, Vale and Sohar Aluminium targeting social investment projects that serve the genuine demands of the community in North Batina Governorate.