Jusoor Foundation inks RO125,000 worth social responsibility agreements

May 26, 2022

Jusoor Foundation, the social investment arm of OQ, Sohar Aluminium and Vale Oman, recently signed three agreements worth RO 125,000 as part of its corporate social responsibility initiatives. The signing ceremony was held under the patronage of His Excellency Sheikh Saif bin Hamyar Al Malek Al Shihi, Governor of North Al Batinah, and Chairman of Jusoor Foundation, in the presence of a number of local officials and representatives of relevant government and private sector institutions.
The first agreement, signed between Jusoor Foundation and the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Water Resources, aimed to promote and develop the fisheries sector in Oman. The agreement involved a project worth RO90,000 for the construction of sheds for fishermen in North Al Batinah Governorate. The project will be funded by OQ, Sohar Aluminum and Vale Oman.
The second agreement, between Jusoor Foundation and the Omani Cycling Association, intended to build, maintain and develop mountain biking as an important sport in Oman. The agreement involved providing a training program for mountain biking at a cost of RO20,000. The project will be funded by OQ, Sohar Aluminum and Vale Oman.
As per the third agreement, between Jusoor Foundation and the Oman Cancer Association, RO15,000 will be donated by OQ, Sohar Aluminum and Vale Oman for the purchase of a car to accompany the Mobile Mammography Unit for breast cancer screening in the North and South Al Batinah governorates.
Jaber bin Suleiman Al-Busaidi, Executive Manager of Jusoor Foundation, stated, “We are indeed glad to have signed three agreements for progress and development in the fields of health, environment, sports and culture. Under the first agreement, sheds will be provided to fishermen for the preservation and storage of fishing tools and equipment, including fishing boats. We hope this initiative will further promote the development of fishing-related activities in the wilayats of Sohar, Liwa and Shinas. As many as 500 to 1,000 fishermen will be benefitted through the project”
“The second agreement seeks to promote cycling and enhance the potential for its development as a specialized sport for an active and healthy lifestyle. This agreement will provide several benefits to the national team and promote high-performance sports. It will also provide young people with opportunities to enhance their physical fitness and mental health. The training sessions cover physical, mental, motor and technical skills. The program includes providing 400 training hours per year for participants aged 13 to 16 years”, he added.
“The third agreement involves purchasing a car to support the administrative and medical team accompanying the mobile unit for breast cancer screening. The initiative will support the need for periodic screening of women in the wilayats of North and South Al Batinah to ensure early detection of breast cancer. The vehicle will also contribute to spreading awareness in the community about breast cancer, its early detection and prevention,” he concluded.
Jusoor Foundation is the leading Foundation and the first non-profit corporate social responsibility Foundation established in the Sultanate of Oman in 2012. The Foundation aims to serve the Omani society by adopting the best CSR practices. The Foundation is keen on the implementation and development of sustainable social projects in local communities, thanks to its deep understanding of the real needs of the Omani society.