Focus Areas

The focus areas prioritized aim at the local, integrated and sustainable development, focusing on the territorial development, seeking for proposals that maximize the synergies between the projects.

Through its social responsibility programmes, the Foundation renders support in four focus areas:

  • The Foundation focus on contributing to enabling an environment to the development of entrepreneurship, as job opportunities shall arise from the creation of new businesses and the improvement of the quality and productivity of existing producers and suppliers in the local economy. In order to support actions towards the improvement of income of small scale entrepreneurs the Foundation seeks to upgrade skills which promote the modernization of administrative practices, enhance the entrepreneurial spirit as well as the development of human resources in matters of research and technology.

    Therefore, the Foundation supports initiatives which:

    • encourage entrepreneurial activity, innovative applications and enhancement of Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs);
    • promote the preparation and training of people for prospective employment in the industrial cluster, in small businesses and the creation of self-employment;
    • promote educational programmes which foster innovative entrepreneurial thinking and action.
  • Youth is one of the priorities for the Foundation. Investment in training and education for work shall increase the skills and capacities of the young people. It is about achieving proper levels of quality and productivity, particularly in the modern life, which requires a qualifying effort of manpower, and also of entrepreneurs and suppliers related to any field of work.

    Therefore, the Foundation supports initiatives which:

    • strengthen the education for work, increasing the skills and capacities of the young people for the labor market;
    • enhance the adaptability of young people to the rapid changes that characterize the labor market;
    • promote the insertion of the youth in the labor market.
  • Culture and sports are important tools to promote the development of communities. The focus area in culture and sport has the potential of enhancing sociability, collective entertainment and integration, thus leveraging the development of the other focus areas. Considering culture as a social aspect, development might not be truly achieved and sustainable, if it doesn´t consider the culture processes, if it ignores the lifestyles, values systems, the traditions, the beliefs and the knowledge of the community.

    In face of that, the Foundation supports initiatives which:

    • contribute to safeguard the intangible heritage of the Omani culture, enhancing the articulation between social and economic value of such heritage;
    • promote the sports development, creating qualification and professionalization opportunities, preferably revealing new talents in Sports;
    • promote sports activities, generating social integration.
  • The performance in the health domain aims at addressing key issues identified in the region: (a) the lack of health personnel in Al Batinah North Governorate, supporting the training of staff in the health area; and (b) the so-called epidemiological transition, by contributing to the reduction of the impacts of modernization, through the prevention and control of 'modern' diseases - such as obesity, hypertension, diabetes and others -, addictions, occupational accidents and traffic accidents.

    Therefore, the Foundation supports educational programs in:

    • training of health professionals;
    • education and prevention of traffic accidents;
    • health promotion and prevention of risk factors.

    In the Environmental domain, the Foundation supports initiatives which:

    • promotes awareness, attitudes and knowledge related to
      natural resources conservation, and environmental
    • environmental education programmes.

How do We Work

Jusoor aims mainly at contributing to sustainably developing the community where it operates, acknowledging and respecting its potential, values and needs.Information and Application >

How do We Work

Jusoor aims mainly at contributing to sustainably developing the community where it operates, acknowledging and respecting its potential, values and needs.

Social Project activities of the Foundation reflect its mid- and long-term vision, focusing on sustainable development. The Foundation renders voluntary funding into social projects considering the best practices in the market.

Sponsorship & Donation activities of the Foundation also reflect its short- and mid- term vision and offers cash resources or in-kind support to initiatives which have been promoted by third parties. These activities must be aligned, either directly or indirectly with the Foundation's focus areas and core objectives.

The Foundation has established a process for submission which is outlined in the downloadable guides below. This process provides maximum transparency for selection, evaluation and implementation of Social Projects and Sponsorships & Donations.

Fill in the Application Form

Download the Social Project Application Guide(460 Kb)

Download the Sponsorship & Donation Application Guide (460 Kb)

Jusoor Volunteering Program

You can participate in Jusoor Volunteering Program and contribute to make a difference in your community.Read more >

How can you get involved?


Jusoor will announce and run several voluntarism programs along the year. These voluntary programs will include community engagement as well as other activities that serve the objectives of Jusoor and fall under one of its focus areas. You can become a Jusoor volunteer and join a passionate team of people who help others become more productive, and work to improve the quality of life for individuals, children and families in the Omani community.

If you have an idea, or you’d get involved, email us on

Tell your Story

Your story can help inspire others to get involved. Jusoor keeps a database of stories to help illustrate the challenges and successes of its work, and those of its beneficiaries and partners. How has Jusoor helped you? What role has Jusoor played? Consider sharing your story with others and us.

To tell your story, email us on