Jusoor Team

  • Ali Saleh Al Hashar

    "We strive to create value for both the founders of Jusoor and our hosting societies and partnering with Government for the sustainable development of Oman and its people. Through our values we build trust which is important for the success of what we do"
  • Fahad Salim Al Adi
    Executive Manager

    “Jusoor is a combination of devoted and committed team, visionary and supportive leadership, Authentic and enthusiastic community, strong and stable financing, disciplined and well-structured system, powerful and accessible know-how, challenging and motivational working environment. Simply, huge potentials and endless possibilities.”
  • Amna Ibrahim Al Shizawi
    Communication Coordinator

    “Faces are not eternal, as they erode like book leaves. But good deeds are like words remain as long as there is life. And through Jusoor we will work as a team to translate our words to achievements to benefit our communities, and to become role models in social responsibility.”
  • Rabab Ahmed Al Ajmi
    Project Management
    Office Leader

    “To me Jusoor is a window for a better society, and I'll do my ultimate best to achieve the vision that Jusooris built for.”
  • Omar Mohammed Al Abri
    Project Leader

    “I do not seek to make Jusoor an excellent social investment Foundation only, I rather strive to make the world a better place through Jusoor.”
  • Abdulmajeed Juma Al Risi
    Project Coordinator

    “When the vision is clear, the objectives are easy to meet. We will accomplish Jusoor’s vision only by hard work, perseverance and commitment.”