Opportunity Analysis
For the Opportunity Analysis, all the social projects proposals received, and in conformity with the available application form, will be evaluated by a specialized staff of the Foundation. The projects submitted to the evaluation process can be developed either by theFoundation Team in partnership with a partner or by external applicants. In both cases, the proposals selected on a comparative basis will be those with thebetter ranking, approvedby the Foundation Board.
Planning & Development
The Foundation believes that to meet unique goals and objectives, a project must be carefully planned, developed and professionally managed. The involvement of the partner and/or applicant at this stage is essential to ensure its commitment towards implementing the actions and activities under its responsibility, as well as the resources assigned to it.
Projects Execution
During the implementation phase, the project will be followed-up according to its planned activities. The Project Leader, along with the project team, tracks the performance of planned activities and manages the interfaces between the various areas involved. The evaluation of work performance and the current completion of the deliverables are part of project implementation and feed performance reports that are used in process monitoring and controlling.
Closure & Lessons Learned
During the project closure, Project Leader will ensure that all project work is complete and that it achieved its objectives. The Project Leader should also report the lessons learned from the phase or project to the Foundation team. The book of lessons learned should address both the practical success of the project and the difficulties, so that in future projects the errors are not committed again and successes are carried out.

How We Work

Jusoor aims mainly at contributing to sustainably developing the community where it operates, acknowledging and respecting its potential, values and needs.Information and Application >

How do We Work

Jusoor aims mainly at contributing to sustainably developing the community where it operates, acknowledging and respecting its potential, values and needs.

Social Project activities of the Foundation reflect its mid- and long-term vision, focusing on sustainable development. The Foundation turns voluntary funding into implemented social projects for the community, using market best-practice.

Sponsorship & Donation activities of the Foundation also reflect its short- and mid- term vision and offers cash resources or in-kind support to initiatives which have been promoted by third parties. These activities must be aligned with the Foundation’s focus areas and core objectives.

The Foundation has established a process for submission which is outlined in the downloadable guides below. This process provides maximum transparency for selection, evaluation and implementation of Social Projects and Sponsorships & Donations.

Fill in the Application Form

Download the Social Project Application Guide(460 Kb)

Download the Sponsorship & Donation Application Guide (460 Kb)

Jusoor Volunteering Program

You can participate in Jusoor Volunteering Program and contribute to make a difference in your community.Read more >

How can you get involved?


Jusoor will announce and run several voluntarism programs along the year. These voluntary programs will include community engagement as well as other activities that serve the objectives of Jusoor and fall under one of its focus areas. You can become a Jusoor volunteer and join a passionate team of people who help others become more productive, and work to improve the quality of life for individuals, children and families in the Omani community.

If you have an idea, or you’d get involved, email us on

Tell your Story

Your story can help inspire others to get involved. Jusoor keeps a database of stories to help illustrate the challenges and successes of its work, and those of its beneficiaries and partners. How has Jusoor helped you? What role has Jusoor played? Consider sharing your story with others and us.

To tell your story, email us on