Who We Are

Orpic, Sohar Aluminium and Vale understand the importance of having a sustainable Corporate Social Responsibility agenda and of sharing the concerns about the territorial development of the North Al Batinah Governorate. With this in mind, Jusoor, founded in December 2011 aims to contribute and support social and economic local development initiatives in North Al Batinah Governorate. By means of the Cooperation, the founding companies agreed on maximizing the impact of their social investments and jointly coordinating and supporting social initiatives in the Governorate.


To promote initiatives that lead to the sustainable and transparent socioeconomic development in the communities where we operate.


To generate value to Oman, especially for the communities where we operate, through the implementation of a sustainable and transparent socioeconomic development, contributing to the reputational value of our social investors, by 2016.


Transparency Transparency guides our relations with stakeholders, ensuring access to timely and reliable information on decisions and performance of social projects. We strive to make our projects as transparent as possible, involving all key stakeholders in our processes to ensure maximum buy in.

Commitment We are committed to a spirit of dedication and determination, identifying strategic opportunities to make a difference. We take a long-term view and keep a commitment to a wider thinking, in order to transform our dreams into perceived results. We seek a deeper understanding of the communities we serve and we respect diverse thoughts and approaches.

Partnership We believe in partnering for greater impact and we acknowledge the value of partners in extending our outreach. We show respect to all people. So we conduct our work with openness to listen and to learn, understanding that collaborative ideas lead to lasting solutions, greater value and sustainable change. Working in collaboration and sharing our knowledge will help us to tackle bigger challenges locally and globally.

Change-making We are determined to search for challenges and solutions and meet the forces of change with optimism and courage. We believe that we have an important role to play as catalysts for change and we keep ourselves aligned with a world in motion. Tenacity, creativity and perseverance are drivers in our path, whilst understanding that transformation comes through time. We are passionate about what we do.

Accountability We understand we have co-responsibility in a global scenario towards the sustainable development. In our cause involvement, we take responsibility for our decisions and actions. We celebrate wins, learn from mistakes and continuously improve our performance. Complying with the projects´ requirements and delivering results is of the utmost importance and we share information in a transparent way.


  • To support the development of the community through the implementation of sustainable social projects.
  • To strengthen the relationship between the founding companies and their stakeholders including local community, private and government sector.
  • To reflect true commitment of the founding companies towards corporate social responsibilities and local community

How do We Work

The Foundation aims mainly at contributing to a sustainable development of the community, acknowledging and respecting its potentials, values and needs.Information and Application >

How can we assist you?

The Foundation aims mainly at contributing to a sustainable development of the community, acknowledging and respecting its potential, values and needs.

Social Project activities of the Foundation reflect its mid- and long-term vision, focusing on sustainable development. The Foundation turns voluntary funding into implemented social projects for the community, using market best-practice.

Sponsorship & Donation activities of the Foundation also reflect its short- and mid- term vision and offers cash resources or in-kind support to initiatives which have been promoted by third parties. These activities must be aligned with the Foundation’s focus areas and core objectives.

The Foundation has established a process for submission which is outlined in the downloadable guides below. This process provides maximum transparency for selection, evaluation and implementation of Social Projects and Sponsorships & Donations.

Fill in the Application Form

Download the Social Project Application Guide(460 Kb)

Download the Sponsorship & Donation Application Guide (460 Kb)

Jusoor Volunteering Program

You can participate in Jusoor Volunteering Program and contribute to make a difference in your community.Read more >

How can we assist you?


Jusoor will announce and run several voluntarism programs along the year. These voluntary programs will include community engagement as well as other activities that serve the objectives of Jusoor and fall under one of its focus areas. You can become a Jusoor volunteer and join a passionate team of people who help others become more productive, and work to improve the quality of life for individuals, children and families in the Omani community.

If you have an idea, or you’d get involved, email us on

Tell your Story

Your story can help inspire others to get involved. Jusoor keeps a database of stories to help illustrate the challenges and successes of its work, and those of its beneficiaries and partners. How has Jusoor helped you? What role has Jusoor played? Consider sharing your story with others and us.

To tell your story, email us on