Annual Report

Jusoor Foundation 2023

H.E Sheikh

Mohammed Sulaiman Al Kindi

Governor of North Al Batinah

Chairman of Jusoor Board of Directors

Chairman’s Message

The year 2023 was filled with achievements, and it is no exaggeration to say that it was not without challenges. These challenges made Jusoor Foundation more determined to deliver its societal message in the best way possible, realising Jusoor's vision and goals in collaboration with its strategic partners in the public and private sectors and civil society. This was achieved through the signing of agreements to finance social projects and signing several cooperation agreements that enhance the ability to achieve more success at the individual and local community levels.

The diligent efforts made by the private sector in coordination with the government and civil society align with Oman Vision 2040 and its key directions, which serve as a fundamental guide for planning and implementation, reflecting the wise vision of our beloved leader – may God protect him. Jusoor Foundation’s name has become prominent in the social responsibility sector at both local and regional levels, placing a greater responsibility on us to be a strong support in the aspect of community service in implementing this vision aimed at achieving a more sustainable and prosperous future for the Omani people and future generations.

It has been 10 years since the establishment of Jusoor Foundation, marking a decade of impactful social work in corporate social responsibility within North Al Batinah Governorate. Jusoor has flourished, touching the lives of diverse segments of society. We take pride in the achievements and remarkable results accomplished during this period. Several effective social investment projects have come to fruition, including the completion of projects like the Mobile Unit for Breast Cancer Screening and OQ Social Centers in 2023. Additionally, ongoing projects include the establishment of a Dialysis Unit in Suhar, the construction of the Liwa Fish, Vegetable, and Fruit Market, and the Investment Building for Al Suwaiq Sports Club.

In conclusion, I extend my gratitude to my colleagues on the Jusoor Board of Directors and the executive team for their ongoing efforts to serve Oman. Their commitment to delivering sustainable projects of high quality plays a crucial role in Oman's advancement and the enhancement of the wellbeing of its people, investing in human capital for a brighter future.


Executive Management Message

At Jusoor, we firmly believe that sharing performance with our partners is one of the main pillars of success, as it strengthens the bonds between partners and the community. This requires harmony and integration of roles to achieve our desired objectives. Therefore, we are committed to issuing the annual report to shed light on the foundation’s performance and major achievements. The year 2023 was filled with significant milestones that needed to be highlighted. In this edition of the annual report, we celebrate a decade of impact left by Jusoor Foundation and its partners, and we continue our journey of giving with unwavering determination to do more.

Corporate social responsibility partnerships have played a significant role in solidifying Jusoor's connection with the community. This year, we are proud of our partnerships, having signed memorandums of understanding with three entities: The Youth Project Development Fund (Sharaka’h), Oman Chamber of Commerce and Industry - North Al Batinah branch, and University of Technology and Applied Sciences - Shinas branch. In terms of social investment in community projects, which is the most prominent aspect of our efforts, with the support of our investing companies OQ, Sohar Aluminium, and Vale in Oman, projects varied between completed and ongoing.

Our team managed to complete four projects while actively working on five others. The project scope varied, encompassing fields like education, social welfare, environment, and entrepreneurship, in collaboration with our strategic partners in various regions in North Al Batinah and beyond.

Jusoor Foundation's pioneering role in community service has earned many accolades and honors, such as achieving second place in the Arabia Corporate Social Responsibility Awards - Partnerships and Cooperation Category 2023, in addition to winning the Best Initiative for Empowering Women in Social Responsibility 2023 for the Mobile Unit for Breast Cancer Screening. This is the result of diligent work on internal development within the foundation, leading to increased effectiveness in institutional communication. We have also strengthened communication links with our stakeholders. Our sustained and dynamic engagement with the local community through numerous participation has been enhanced by Jusoor Foundation's move to its new headquarters, not to mention the significant development witnessed in digital communication channels and their vibrant interaction.

In conclusion, on behalf of myself, the Board of Directors, Executive Management, and the Jusoor team, I am honored to express our deepest gratitude and appreciation to His Majesty Sultan Haitham bin Tarik – may God protect him – for his keen interest and ongoing directives to implement social programs aimed at achieving community well-being. We draw inspiration from his vision and work sincerely and meticulously. Finally, I would like to extend sincere thanks to all our partners for making 2023 another year of progress for Jusoor Foundation, where everything was in favor of the local community, hoping for continued success for everyone in the days to come.

Board of Directors Members

Terms of Reference

Social projects are proposed by the Board of Jusoor’s Founding Companies and approved by the Jusoor Board of Directors. This Board also reviews Jusoor policies and procedures and facilitates ways to enhance the Foundation’s performance in general.

Board of Founding Companies Members

Terms of Reference

The Founding Companies Board is represented by the Foundation’s shareholders and is responsible for managing the Foundation, including approving its objectives, guidelines, strategy, operational policies, budget, reports, and financial projects, to ensure that the Foundation’s goals are achieved. Each founding company (OQ, Sohar Aluminium and Vale in Oman) officially appoints its representative to the Board.

Mr. Ahmed Al Kharusi
Mr. Ahmed Al Kharusi

Representative of Sohar Aluminium

Mr. Nasser Al Azri
Mr. Nasser Al Azri

Representative of Vale in Oman

Mr. Faisal Al Balushi
Mr. Faisal Al Balushi

Representative of OQ

Mr. Jaber Al Busaidi
Mr. Jaber Al Busaidi

Executive Manager

Board Secretary

A decade of Impact

Marking the first decade marks a significant milestone, reflecting the dedicated efforts of Jusoor foundation and its shareholders (OQ, Sohar Aluminium and Vale in Oman) which played a crucial role in supporting the Omani community over the years. Jusoor's commitment to sustainable projects stands as a testament to its profound impact on a social scale.

Jusoor's involvement in sustainable social development has been diverse, spanning areas such as education, health, sports, culture, entrepreneurship, and environment, among others. By the close of 2023, the tally of executed projects and programs exceeded 62, showcasing a substantial commitment to positive societal change.

Awards and Recognitions

Best Initiative for Women Empowerment

Best Initiative for Women Empowerment

in Corporate Social Responsibility 2023 for the Mobile Unit for Breast Cancer Screening

Second Place in the Arabia CSR Awards

Second Place in the Arabia CSR Awards

Partnerships and Collaborations Category 2023

CSR Partnerships

Sharaka Logo

Memorandum of Understanding with the Youth Projects Development Fund (Sharaka'h)

Glimpses on the agreement signing
Oman Chamber of Commerce Logo

Memorandum of Understanding with Shinas University of Technology and Applied Sciences

Glimpses on the agreement signing
University of Technology Logo

Memorandum of Understanding with the Oman Chamber of Commerce and Industry - North Al Batinah Branch

Glimpses on the agreement signing

Mobile Mammography Unit

Supplying and equipping a mobile unit equipped with the latest technologies suitable for examination.
Mammogram X-ray unit.
A program of field visits to all the Wilayats of the North and South Al Batinah Governorates, providing awareness and free examinations for women over the age of 40.
Provide an accompanying car for the administrative and medical team accompanying the primary project (for the mobile unit for breast cancer screening).
Positive Results
Destination and Visits
Free Mammogram Tests
Months of commented operation by the OCA

OQ Social Centers

Establishing 4 Social Centers:
681 m2

Majis Social Center - Central

821.6 m2

Majis Social Center - South

681 m2

Majis Social Center - North

688.92 m2

Al Khwairiyah Social Center

Add to

  • Administrative and service facilities
  • Classrooms
  • 4 theaters
  • 4 multi-purpose halls, each with a capacity of 500 people
30 +
Cultural and social events were conducted in the centers.
Individuals from the community benefited.

Cycling Training Programme (Daraj)

The program targets youth aged from 13 to 16.

The training program duration was six months.

The program was designed in stages according to a work plan tailored to enhance the participants' skills in cycling and prepare them to compete and achieve advanced positions in various cycling races.

Select trainees from the targeted age group.

Develop a tailored training program based on participants level, needs, and developmental vision.

Conduct physical and skills tests:

  • Anthropometric measurements tests.
  • Physical fitness tests.
  • Technical tests specific to cycling.

"Daraj" program is divided into fitness exercises, cycling exercises, mountain biking sessions, road biking sessions, cycling technique sessions, bike component identification sessions, and mechanical sessions.

Jusoor Youth Empowerment Program (San'a)

A specialized intensive training program in 3D design and animation targeted a group of 30 Omani youth in the North Al Batinah Governorate. The group was divided into three cohorts, with each cohort receiving a total of 80 training hours. Upon completion of the program, graduates were provided with high-specification computers tailored for design, enabling them to continue their learning journey, pursue freelance work, or start a business. This initiative aimed to create income and job opportunities in the market.

Specialized program in 3D design and animation
Training hours per batch
Young male and female

Concrete 3D Printed Fishermen Shades

Rest areas for fishermen Designing and constructing
Storage spaces for fishing tools. Designing and building
580 m2
Total built-up area using concrete printing technology is
Concrete printing technology

Construction of a Dialysis Unit

Medical devices and equipment for dialysis
Administrative and service facilities
Conference hall
Isolation Rooms
Treatment Halls
Treatment Beds
Building area (m2)

Construction of Al Suwaiq Park

Main building: restaurants, toilets, prayer rooms
Developing a 90,000 square meter area of the total park space
Kids playground
Walking paths
Administrative and service facilities
2 Paddle playgrounds
Food trucks area

Construction of Liwa Fish, Vegetable and Fruit Market

Establishing an integrated market in an area of


Fish Market Building
  • 31 fish selling areas
  • fish 30 cutting table and waiting area
  • Administrative anda service facilities
  • Auction area
  • Ice factory
  • Fish grill shop
  • Changing room
  • Shower areas for sellers
  • Loading and unloading area
Vegetable and Fruit Market Building
  • Loading and unloading area
  • 46 shops selling fruits, vegetables, chicken, and beef
  • Auction area
  • Waste disposal room
  • Administrative and service facilities

Construction of the Investment Building of Al Suwaiq Sport Club

1,100 m2

building area

The first floor (designed for rental exhibition spaces)

The second floor (allocated for 4 open office spaces for rent)

Parking facilities

Corporate Communication

Corporate Communication in Jusoor, plays a pivotal role in fostering transparency, engagement, and advocacy to advance impactful community initiatives.

Community Reach Out

Jusoor's Community Reach Out amplifies social impact through direct engagement with local communities. It fosters inclusivity, feedback, tailored solutions and enhancing effectivenes.

  • The Training Fair at Suhar University.
  • The Open Day Events at the College of Medicine and Health Sciences - Suhar.
Panel Discussion
  • Private Sector Institutions role in Supporting and Enhancing Community Initiatives, organized by the Omani Journalists Association.
  • Sustainability in the Work of Non-Profit Organizations, at the Youth Initiatives Forum 2023
  • Beyond Silos: Breaking Barriers through Collaboration and Partnerships, at the Arab Forum for Corporate Social Responsibility.
  • Sustainability in the Work of Non-Profit Organizations, at the Youth Initiatives Forum 2023
  • The Omani Forum for Care of the Blind
Stakeholders Engagement

Jusoor collaborates with stakeholders OQ, Sohar Aluminium, and Vale to ensure community-centric CSR projects. Stakeholder engagement fosters shared goals, transparency, and sustainable impact.

Jusoor New Headquarters

Jusoor foundation new headquarters at Sohar City Center with the aim to provide more efficient services and community engagement.This vibrant location adheres to logistical standards,facilitating direct communication with stakeholders and partners in a modern, eco-friendly workspace at the heart of Sohar.

In Country Value

In Country Value in Jusoor foundation ensures economic sustainability and community development, reflecting in sustainable social projects leveraging local resources and fostering self-reliance.

Supplier Registration

Supplier registration in Jusoor ensures transparency and efficiency, supporting sustainable procurement practices. It fosters community engagement and empowerment through fair opportunities and local partnerships.