About Jusoor

A non-profit Social Responsibility Organization that aims to enhance the quality of life and further develop the communities in Al Batinah. Established in 2012 as the social arm for Sohar Aluminium, Vale and OQ, it continues to make a positive impact through sustainable social projects in areas of health and environment, entrepreneurship and sports and culture.


To promote initiatives that lead to the sustainable and transparent socioeconomic development of the communities where we operate.


To create value for Oman, especially for the communities where we operate, through the implementation of sustainable and transparent socio-economic projects, contributing to the reputational value of our social investors


Key Values

Change Making

We are determined to search for challenges and solutions and meet the forces of change with optimism and courage. As catalysts for change, we believe that we have an important role to play.


We acknowledge the value of partners in extending our outreach. We understand that collaborative ideas lead to lasting solutions, greater value, sustainable change, and greater impact.


With a long-term view, we identify strategic opportunities to make a difference. Commitment to a spirit of dedication and determination, we transform our dreams into perceived results.


Transparency guides our relations with stakeholders, offering them access to timely and reliable information on decisions and performance of social projects.


We understand we have co-responsibility towards the sustainable development in a global scenario. In our social involvement, we take responsibility for our decisions and actions.


Jusoor Foundation's orientation to investing in education and knowledge links community members' capabilities to the labor market so that these projects will be a starting point that enhances the available opportunities and refines the acquired skills. Knowledge is the basis of experiences that support societal productivity and raise an individual's level of awareness, regardless of the different life issues.

Jusoor considers sustainable investment as a focal point and invests in human energies, not only by supporting creative initiatives that aim to find solutions to challenges but also by making the concept of innovation and influential work culture that embraces and discovers innovators.

Social Well-being

Social welfare constitutes a fertile ground for the growth of proficiency and creativity buds. Moreover, these efforts support entrepreneurship initiatives and activities and investment in small and medium enterprises.

Therefore, Jusoor is keen to support community initiatives that raise the level of social welfare in various fields such as health, sports, culture, etc.., and seeks to enable individuals and empower them to create opportunities for self-employment (Freelancing).


Each prosperous society reflects abundance and sustainability. Oman's environment is full of natural resources that require conservation and development by adopting projects and initiatives that support environmental issues.

Jusoor's support for these projects and initiatives comes to protect the environment, raise environmental awareness among individuals, and optimize the Omani environment's resources.